A list of current Canadian legal actions, stories and issues relating to freedom of expression.


  • Dr. Richard Thain is currently defending his right to advertise his opposition to public funding of religious schools in Canada
  • Lindsay Shepherd is suing Laurier University, and several other parties, in a case relating to her employ-ability in academia
  • The Justice Centre on Constitutional Freedoms has filed a court application against the Ottawa Public Library on behalf of Madeline Weld regarding an attempted screening of a controversial film.

Laws and Legislation

  • The British Columbia government has introduced the Protection of Public Participation Act to help people who want and deserve the freedom to peacefully engage in public debate without fear of unreasonable and financially ruinous legal action against them
  • Federal Bill C-51 is an omnibus bill to update Canada’s Criminal Code and includes repeal of Canada’s blasphemous libel law; as of May 2018, this bill is at second reading of the Senate.